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Turkey-EU Timeline 01-09-1959, Turkey applies for associate membership in the European Economic Community (EEC).  01-09-1963, Association agreement (“Ankara Agreement”) is signed by Ismet Inönü.  14-04-1987, Turkey’s membership application tothe European Economic Community (EEC), 01-01-1995 Turkey-EU Association Council finalises agreement creating a customs union. 01-12-1997, Luxembourg Council summit declares Turkey eligible to become EU member. 01-03-2001,… » read more

“..there would also be political impacts of TTIP for Turkey because according to Kader Sevinç, Representative of the Republican People’s Party in Brussels, TTIP represents a new Western world order. From her statement, it could be deduced that through TTIP the US would be able to create the new Western axis against China economically and… » read more

As Kader Sevinç said in her paper for Euractiv , one of the main challenges for our generation is to better conduct the transition toward a transnational world in order to be able to providing solutions in accordance with our expectations and values. EU has difficulties to find solutions, and should deal with institutional and… » read more

How Can Public Private Partnerships Stimulate Innovation Economy? What Can be the Role of the Industry?   Guest speaker Sinan Tumer : Senior Director SAP Co-Innovation Lab Sinan Tumer is the Senior Director of SAP Co-Innovation Lab in the East Coast region of USA. He is responsible for establishing an open innovation process by harnessing… » read more

10 June 2014 Tuesday 10:35 Kader Sevinç, a poet whose book “Kırık Ülke / Broken Country” is recently published, met her readers at a book signing held at Aziz Kedi Kitabevi in Galatasaray / İstanbul on April 8. Sevinç developed an original language in her poetry and formed the backbone of the poetry with the… » read more

CHP AND THE GEZI MOVEMENT Introduction The Gezi Movement was a large-scale social movement, demonstrating to the entire world that large parts of society in Turkey have adopted a democratic culture. The Gezi Movement developed spontaneously, was not orchestrated from a domestic or international centre, and lacked any hierarchy, as scientific studies and all relevant… » read more

This article reminds me the poetry project for a better Europe in 2009 “European Constitution in Verse”.. http://www.shahrazadeu.org/en/content/european-constitution-verse-0 You can download the book European Constitution in Verse Passaporta Poems for Europe: 10 national portraits in verse What happened when 10 European poets were asked to portray their home country in verse ahead of the European… » read more

CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu: “The CHP had increased the number of its votes in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir significantly. In large metropolises, we increased our votes. This was the first election that the countryside voted for most metropolises. In the past, we have been losing elections because of the countryside votes. We will evaluate the… » read more

Reports on electoral fraud are snowballing at the end of election day in Turkey. (unofficial) Download: Reports on electoral fraud are snowballing at the end of election day.(Unofficial) Collected by our EU volunteers Femen activists protest against Turkey’s PM Erdogan inside a polling station where he was to cast his vote. 1418 fraud concerns and… » read more

CHP Vice Chairperson Faruk Loğoğlu: “Ukraine Needs Peace” – 28 February 2014 “Ukraine, a European country of great strategic significance, has for some time now been facing turmoil and developments sadly resulting in the unfortunate loss of lives. Tension has now taken grip of also the Crimean region of the country. Our citizens of Crimean… » read more

  In CHP’s social democratic vision of Turkey’s future, the EU membership process plays a crucial role. Gender equality is in this respect a key issue that transcends all other fields of integration, such as democracy, economic growth, employment, education, the information society, rural development and regional development. In fact, gender equality is at the… » read more

The EU Commission’s report on Turkey this year ought to find a very sensitive balance. The report has to emphasize and support Turkey’s progressive and pro-European social movements (such as the Gezi) struggling for radical democratic reforms, individual freedoms and the rule of law. The report has to question as well the fairness of elections… » read more

Europe and Turkey: In search of a new world Some EU governments act in contradiction with a strategic vision for the common European values and interest when they block Turkey’s accession talks, writes Kader Sevinç. @kader_sevinc Kader Sevinç is the Representative to the EU of CHP (the Republican Peoples’ Party, which is the largest opposition… » read more

  Today the people of Bosnia struggle to keep alive their unrealized memories, impossible dreams and unforgettable futures, for the souls of their lost loved ones in 1995, in Srebrenica, in Europe.   *** The pain is still fresh Still hurting… We should face with it ! Europeans, we can not and should not escape… » read more

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) introduced a bill to establish a parliamentary inquiry commission aimed at preventing crimes particularly directed against women. Led by Istanbul deputy Mahmut Tanal, the CHP deputies presented their proposal to the Parliament Speaker’s Office on April 19, for inquiry into cases of sexual abuse, rape and killings targeting… » read more