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The Brussels chief criticized the AKP for not doing enough to open the three EU accession-negotiation chapters – those on competition, social policy and public procurement – that carry no political baggage.

“The government remains unwilling to open the social policy and competition chapters because there is a need for reforms on state aid, the unregistered economy, gender equality at work and child labor,” said Sevinç.

Turkey has thus far opened 13 chapters in its negotiations with the European bloc. The talks have slowed down since 2005 due to Ankara’s refusal to open its ports to shipping from Greek Cyprus as well as stiff opposition from some member states, including France.

Sevinç said the CHP was closely following Turkey’s accession process and had established a “shadow CHP team monitoring EU negotiations.” The team, led by Sevinç, is following each and every negotiating chapter in the Turkish-EU talks and briefing Kılıçdaroğlu about the progress made.


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  1. Dear Ma’am, You should replace Bagis. I’m afraid he is leading Turkey’s EU accesion talks towards dead end (if there is a true interesting from the turkish side, which I doubt). Since those 3 chapters are not blocked by anyone, Turkey’s stance is unjustified.

    Island of Zante, 28.04.2011
    Best regards,
    Nikolaos daLezios

  2. Dear Mr daLezios, Turkey’s stance towards Europe is indeed unjustified. The main argument Turkey uses to halt accesion talks, is the stance of Germany and France in particular, and the blockade caused by the Cypriots. Mrs Sevinc puts it on the right order. Why don’t they start with chapters which are not blocked by Cyprus or the franco-german axis? Why don’t they accept for example international law on which the EU is founded? Or providing LGBT and other social minorities rights? AKP has an agenda which is far from Europe, thus its not Europe to blame for pausing the talks. Turks should start searching internally for the reasons why they are still in the process and not like Croatia at the point of succesfull completion of the talks.

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