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Kader Sevinç
Kader Sevinç

The CHP as Turkey’s social-democratic party and main opposition has always been a firm defender of EU’s enlargement to Turkey. CHP asks better fulfillment of the EU’s Copenhagen political criteria by Turkey and more regulatory and social reforms. The world needs a better global order as a result of the actual financial, social and political transitions in the international system. In this respect, our world needs a better Europe which will prove its potential to become a larger single market, social model and political unity in an expanding world. A successful Turkey in the EU membership process will bring Europe more geo-strategic role, economic dynamism, youthful force, natural, cultural and historical richness, security and energy

The European Commission’s Progress Report on Turkey for 2011 highlights crucial steps to be taken by Turkey in view of EU membership. However it had to better emphasize the Turkish government’s increasing deficiencies in the fields of independence and impartiality of the judiciary power, individual freedoms, freedom of press, women rights, social policy and free and fair market economy. On the other hand, the report fails short of pointing to the EU’s own contradictions in the unjustified blocking of negotiation chapters because of Southern Cypriote government and the France. We expect the European Commission to more firmly defend the European values and principles in dealing with Turkey.

CHP proposes to re-vitalise Turkey’s EU accession process. Turkey’s democratic future is in Europe. We see at least five pillars to support a new era for Turkey, beyond the current situation:

– Firstly, a renewed approach in Turkey to the EU process avoiding partisan and short-sighted political calculations and promoting at least bi-partisan or wider political and social consensus. The example of Croatia, having a monitoring committee led by the opposition party is very inspiring in this respect.

– Secondly, a political agenda adopting itself to the requirements of a democratic country which has to focus on the growth, jobs, reform of the judiciary system, educational reform, energy security, EU harmonization process and global competition policies within the framework of the EU 2020 Strategy.

– Thirdly, better communicating to the Turkish public that the EU process is about upgrading the social standards, democracy and economy.

– Fourthly, the continuity of Turkey’s pro-European, constructive and result-oriented position on Cyprus. (Let’s keep in mind that Turkey supported the UN peace plan as it was asked by the EU. The EU’s inability to keep its promises on Cyprus severely damaged the pro-European trends in Turkey).

– Last but not least, we also ask to the EU politicians to express their support to Turkey, addressing directly to the Turkish people. The confusion between “supporting Turkish people’s European future” on the one hand and “supporting a government’s political destiny” on the other hand should be avoided. This also time for the European politicians to demonstrate leadership in telling the truth to the European public on the requirements of the global situation: in fulfilling the membership criteria Turkey will become a crucial member of the European Union enhancing its international economic and political power. Enlarging the EU to Turkey is in the interest of the European citizens’ future in an increasingly competitive world.

Turkey’s current problems can be better solved within the EU process, which should be re-energized by both the EU and Turkey through more rational policies and without questioning the target of membership. Let’s do not forget that the reinforcement of the Turkish democracy is a common European interest for all of us.

(Ms) Kader Sevinc

CHP Representative to the EU

PES Presidency Member

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  1. The plan you call UN was not baked by the UN or its security council, but was exactly what its name was. The Annan Plan. And to be more specific it was the 5th revision of the Annan Plan (I’m wondering who rejected the first 4 revision of the so-called Annan Plan). The only UN Plan on Cyprus dispute solution was the Gali Set of Ideas which was rejected by Denktas and Turkey back in the early 90’s.
    It is a right of every sovereign’s country’s population which is called upon a referendum to vote yes or no, free without any interfernce. I can’t understand why the Cypriots should agree with a plan which was pro-settlers and pro-occupying staff. And would leave a right to a minority (the turkish cypriots compose the 20% of the islands population) to veto decisions which are taken by majority. Show me a counrty where this happenes, or to be more realistic, would you ( I mean Turkey) ever leave a veto right to the kurdish minority? I doubt…
    The only solution which is realistic so far is:
    1. Leave cypriots from both communities to find a solution by themselfs without iterference from abroad.
    2. Remove immediately the unjustified (anymore) army off the occupied areas in the north of the island.
    3. Take back the 150-200,000 settlers from Anatolia to Turkey.
    It is funny, reading many articles about turkish opinion upon Cyprus issue, to assume that they accusing Greece for enosis, but lately the main aim of Davutoglu’s strategy is enosis of occupied areas with Turkey. (Enosis=annexation). And to be honest. Turkey doesn’t give a single damn about the turkish Cypriots. She is defending imaginary interests in a place which has culturally, ethnically nothing in common. Even intellectuals from the turkish cypriot side have started to recognize the targets of Turkey upon the island.
    Mrs Sevinc you seem rational, don’t copy-paste the trend of the deep state’s manners or Davutoglu’s zero problems with neighbors. At the end you will get a big zero as a result.

  2. It is always important for both sides to avoid the language of hate and to be unrealistic in failing to grasp the changes and challenges of the 21st century. The UN’s Annan Plan was formally supported by the EU and the USA but not by Russia. We were very sorry to hear about the alleged links of Mr Papadopoulos with some Balkanic and other mafia. I hope that it is not true. I also hope that statements by some Cypriot political figures on how Greek Cypriots ‘cheated ‘ the EU were a joke. If the UN Annan Plan were applied, it would have created a peace and Euroean dynamic with cumulative positive effects solving the remaining problems. This is why Cypriot Turks and Turkey said ‘yes ‘ to a vision and action of peace, Europe and the reunification of the island. Anyway, the world is changing now very fast and some issues and problems become less relevant. I wish for the Greek and the Turkish Cypriots the rapid conclusion of the actual talks so that present and future generations get a better life in an increasingly complicated and competitive global context.

  3. The only mafia on the island I know is the one of an illegal occupation against many UN resolutions and Dikmen (with his connections to the Denktas family) who smuggled thousands of classical and protochristian antiquities and items of the occupied areas into Europe.
    Nobody cheated the EU. It is really a joke. Or do you really believe that such a small country is in position to manipulate all of the EU?
    If the Annan plan was applied, the turkish army would be legalized and most of the settlers would become cypriots in a night. The Annan Plan was unrealistic. The only way to find a solution is to leave the communities to find their way. Without interference. And for the sake of the Cypriots, not for the turks or for the greeks.
    When Turkey stops perceiving the occupied territories of the island as an extention of asia minor and anatolia, and respect the fact that the mediteranean is a sea where many cultures can fit instead bulling its neighbors with the power of the armed forces (and never with the power of international law and international court arbitration), I can asure you that the following day will be 100% better for the island.

    Peace, love from the island of Lefkada

  4. Compliance of the Copenhagen criteria and Ankara protocol, and then EU accession. That simple. There is no a la carte membership for anyone. At least not for german public opinion and demand. Fulfill the EU standards like croatians have done and then complain for no acceptance. And replace this EU minister Bagis who is a complete disaster for your country’s accession talks.

  5. I understand your difficulties and know about the political atmosphere in your country. I hope one day uou will have clean democracy and economy, all the best

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