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Sarpinto – Schengen Macht Frei by Sarpinto


“Schengen is the name of the discriminatory and ill-designed visa regime of the European Union”

Sarp Yeletaysi from Istanbul found a creative way of criticizing the Schengen visa procedure Turkish citizens are faced with when they travel to Europe. There are also messages to Merkel, Sarkozy.

“Schengen is the name of the discriminatory and ill-designed visa regime of the European Union (EU). This song is the product of many visits to embassies of European countries to obtain a visa which is a painful, costly, time-consuming and humiliating process. I believe it reflects the experiences and feelings of many people who have ever attempted to obtain a Schengen Visa. I realized that many of my European friends are unaware of the difficulties non-EU citizens face when traveling to Europe as most EU passport holders can travel to many countries without the need to obtain a visa. This is my attempt to raise awareness about the Schengen Problem which I believe is a violation of basic human rights and I wrote this song to pass the message across.” says Sarp.

Please click on the link above to listen this creative song.

Congratulations Sarp !

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Lyrics of the song

Sarpinto – Schengen Macht Frei (Lyrics)
One – The applicant must submit documents in person
Two – The documents should be presented in this order – Jawohl Führer
Three – 2 Biometric passport-sized pictures newly taken
Four – Passport not more than – 10 years old – and valid for – at least – at least 6 months
Five – One x Schengen visa application form
Six – Copy of – hotel – reservation
Seven – Details of your flight itenary
Eight – Make sure to bring your civil registry
Nine – Travel Health Insurance
Ten – Birth certificate or national identity card
Elf – Employment Verification
Twelfe – Verification of time off during length of stay….stay…stay…stay…stay…stay…stay…


Schengen macht frei
If you don’t die
In the embassy
From frustration

Schengen macht frei
Grenzen aus Stahl
21st century

Thirteen – List of authorized signatories –
Fourteen – Tax Registration Certificate of employer
Fifteen – Chamber of Commerce Registration not older than 6 months
Sixteen – Proof of income, recent payroll
Seventeen – Bank Statements – House deeds – Rental Contract – Title of Property
Eighteen – And Finally – Pay the processing fee – 60 Euros which is non – non-refundable

Wait-wait-wait-wait-in line-in line-just to get in-get in-to Clastrofobize
Cold faces-faces-behind the thick glass-thick glass-take your papers-papers-like you are a convict in their eyes
Questions-stupid questions-You’ll have to answer-answer-You ‘re a refugee-Alien-Illegal Immigrant
Approved or denied you wished you never applied-to go through this hell-in the name of Schengen Macht Frei




OUTRO (Instrumental)

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