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Former lighthouse prosecutors indicted, Kilicdaroglu outraged

After being demoted to passive duty, the three former prosecutors in the Deniz Feneri (Lighthouse) charity scandal investigation have been formally charged with counterfeiting official documents and abuse of office. All will be tried and if convicted serve prison terms.

Meanwhile, the prime suspect in the German and Turkish Lighthouse case, former chairman of Turkish TV and Radio Censorship Board (RTUK) Mr. Zahit Akman is not only walking free, but continues to violate the law as we write. He recently returned to the media by opening an office in the Channel 7 TV building, another institution implicated in the donation embezzlement scandal. This constitutes a revolving door and violates the current laws restricting employment of former members of independent regulatory boards. However with three brave prosecutors facing prison terms for even contemplating that he might be guilty, who is going to dare to stop him?

Speaking to a grass-roots crowd in the Eryaman chapter of CHP, Kilicdaroglu reminded the public that the three prosecutors in question have abided the law during their evidence gathering. He added “Suddenly they were removed from the case without sufficient cause. It is claimed that the prosecutors have tempered with official documents presented to the court, but what they had done is a wide-spread custom in court business to expedite the process. Besides only one of the three is found guilty of tempering with the said document. We are yet to be provided with a valid reason for the removal of the other two. Now, they are facing prison terms. This is shameful for the Turkish judiciary. The government protects illegal wire-tapping, counterfeiting court documents are permitted in cases against AKP dissidents, but three prosecutors are persecuted for advancing the Lighthouse prob. Such practices are common to dictatorships. This is why we call AKP “the post-modern dictatorship”.

Kilicdaroglu also expressed his opinion on the DA’s decision to turn over the investigation about alleged sex tapes involving former chairman Baykal to a Special Prosecutor reporting to the notorious Extraordinary Courts. “I’m pretty sure the process will be no different than other trials in these courts, where secret witnesses and anonymous letters of complaints will be used to dilute and obfuscate the justice.” CHP Chairman expressed once again that Extraordinary Courts are under the control of the political authority and can not be relied on to reach impartial verdicts.

Kilicdaroglu: AKP is obligated to come clean on Uludere

Kilicdaroglu also talked about the Uludere incident where 34 citizens of Kurdish ethnic descent were bombed to death. Kilicdaroglu thinks that the intel prompting the air raid had been given by a foreign intelligence service.

“It is 100% certain that the intel is based on a foreign agency. Why hasn’t it been filtered? The Chiefs of Staff claims that it had acted on reliable intelligence. MIT (Turkish Intelligence Service) denies that it supplied the information. The government must explain to the public what source produced the intelligence.”

Kilicdaroglu maintains that the AKP government would never dare to come clean on the Uludere incident, because it was the party which subjugated Turkish spy agencies to the control of foreign ones.

Izmir Mayor and associates indicted, CHP claims a campaign of intimidation

CHP deputy chairman Gokhan Gunaydın objected to the indictments for the Izmir mayor and associates in a 438 page file. Gunaydin claimed that the case was politically motivated: ”The will of the public is trampled by these phony indictments. The penalty for shooting someone on the street is 15 years, but for being a mayor of CHP is 400 years.”

Gunaydın stressed that the government was pursuing a policy of intimidation, oppression and obstruction against CHP run municipalities. The Interior Ministry is clearly biased in deciding which mayors can be investigated and which not. With one minor exemption, the Ministry only permits DA’s offices to probe accusations against CHP mayors.

Günaydin cited the recent raids in the offices of Eskisehir, Princess Island (Istanbul) and Izmir municipalities as the latest evidence of this policy of intimidation. “The raids have been staged as reality shows, with pro-AKP media invited to come along and the crack of the dawn is used to add dramatic effect” he said.


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