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CHP has been defending a comprehensive agenda of democratic reforms for Turkish people’s rights, and freedoms as well as regulatory reforms in view of EU membership. The EU Commission highlights significant deficits of the actual Turkish government and very rightly emphasizes the irrational blockage by some EU member states of Turkey’s EU accession process. In a time when Europe and the World has been facing immense challenges, the EU’s policy on Turkey needs to be visionary and in convergence with European values and common interests.

We also agree with the PES statement on Turkey which points out that: “The European Socialist family is the political family most committed to EU integration and the enlargement process. Therefore the PES believes that it is crucial to launch a new EU-Turkey Agenda… In Turkey, the AKP government is no longer as committed to the goal of EU membership as it was in the past. We observe worrying trends in Turkey, jeopardizing democratic accountability time and time again. These AKP policies have consequently made Turkey less qualified for EU accession.”

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