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Asked about the CHP letter to the S&D Group, the CHP’s EU Representative in Brussels Ms. Kader Sevinc replied that “This was a private correspondence. It would be inappropriate to make it public without the consent of other persons. The letter conveyed the message of the CHP President Mr Kilicdaroglu and the party’s position on the Constitutional referendum in Turkey. The CHP is the most progressive political force in Turkey working for a truly European and democratic Turkey which will be a as an emerging large market, country of best practice for social rights, competitive economy, green technologies and information society. This is why we expect the EU politicians to be more sensitive to our policies “.

CHP’s opposition is not only on the independence and the impartiality of the judiciary. The position is out-lined below, and letter mentioned by Mr Kilicdaroglu is sent with these explanations:

“In the constitutional amendments package there is a set of articles which enhance the wording on the fundamental liberties. The CHP supports them. There is also an article which was originally proposed by the CHP on the trial of the military leaders of the 1980 military intervention. The CHP supports all these 27 articles (except some parts of the article which reduces the labour union rights).

However, there are two articles on the reorganisation of the judiciary power which are unacceptable from a social-democratic view. They boost the already authoritarian domination of the judiciary by the executive power and increase the powers of the President of the Republic without introducing any form of responsibility and accountability. There is nothing “social-democratic” in these amendments and the Council of Europe’s recommendations are also supporting the CHP’s concerns (see annexe)

Moerover, as the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe warns (see annexe), the practice of referendum on a single package of proposals on different issues is not democratic.

The CHP President, Mr Kilicdaroglu repeatedly invited the European politicians to be sensitive to Turkey’s democratic and European forces’ deep concerns and to avoid defending policies that they would be unhappy to see gaining ground in their home countries.

The President of the S&D Group, Mr Martin Schulz, after a meeting with the CHP leadership on 13 April had also declared to the press his shared concerns on this constitutional amendments package.

The CHP defends a full reform of the Turkish constitutional order to make it a model of European best practice. Turkey needs a radically European, innovative and progressive constitution that will be based on a wide national consensus and adopted in an atmosphere of social compromise.

Another significant change that the CHP introduced as a project of law is the lowering of the national threshold for the legislative elections from the actual level of 10% to 7% (with a possibility to reduce it even further accordingly with the level of representativeness of the elected parliament). The AKP government rejected as well this democratic initiative.”

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