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Published: 05 May 2010

Turkey needs to modernise its constitution but some of the government’s reform proposals would seriously undermine the independence of the judiciary, Kader Sevinç of the main Turkish opposition party told EurActiv in an interview, accusing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of showing “authoritarian” and “un-European” behaviour.

Kader Sevinç is the Brussels-based representative to the EU of CHP, the Republican People’s Party. Led by Deniz Baykal, the CHP is a social democratic and secular political force, the second biggest party in Turkey and the main opposition party in parliament.

She was speaking to Paul Hutchison.


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  1. In a short interview of President Gül, he was actually showing strong commitment to the EU process. To the point of not wishing any other process. Is AKP really anti-European? or rather: differently European from CHP?

    In fact, the enlargement process has slowed down, at least regarding Turkey. Some people think it should be revived both with practical and visionary initiatives. And a number of experts commented on it.

    The links to the above, and some initial, rough ideas are to be found on my post here:


    Which politicians will be first to face realities and offer a way out? I would welcome your views, as CHP representative or in personal capacity.

    Thank you for your contributions to Blogactiv and linking to EurActiv coverage.

    Christophe Leclercq

  2. All political parties and politicians in any European country may be “European” in a different way. Europe’s 20th century history and today’s political scene is full of politicians who did not and do not really contribute to the advancement of the European values of democracy, pluralisme, social progress …

    Any politician can also spell many words which may show strong European commitment. But if a government in power for more than 7 years becomes increasingly authoritarian, intolerant to different political views, repressive in using any tools from unjustified tax fines and phone tapping to physical violence and sectarian fragmentation of the society, dogmatic on women rights and very slow in EU reforms, we can rightly say that there is something more than “being European in a different way”.

    There are different reasons which explain why the European momentum is lost in Turkey starting with Turkey’s own failures. But the dynamism and the creativity of the Turkish society will overcome these problems.

    On the other hand, the EU itself has been very weak in fairly treating Turkey in violation of both its own principles and common interests in the global order. Turkey is already mainly part of the European legal, economic and security order. Despite the extremely negative effects of political behaviour and debates looking a different status than the full EU membership for Turkey, it is sad to observe more initiative in this direction. It is sad for Europe which is increasingly cut from global realities and misses the opportunities to meet the new challenges.

    Kader Sevinc

  3. Christophe;

    Akp is not a political party just a gang and they are totally against European lifestyle and standarts. For them EU and Democracy are just tools to have more power.

    Erdogan told that ”Turkish Republic is effected immorality of the Western Culture” for them Christianity is immorality. They are islamist and their goal for Turkey is to have an islamic dictatorship just like iran.

    For Akp women in bikinis should be punished where as polygamy and child marriage is okay for them . The PM advisor Ali Yüksel have 3 wifes and he is planning to have the 4th wife.

    Akp is a disaster for Turkey and both a security threat for EU and Turkey hope we can get rid of them soon.

    And also Akp is %100 sunni where as 25 Million Alevi are living in Turkey Turkish Government have sunni ideology. The President is a sunni islamist, the PM is a sunni islamist, all of the ministers are sunni islamists, all of the governors are sunni adn all of the police chiefs are also sunni. This is a clear evidence for the Alevi Apartheid.

    The tax of Alevi people are only used for sunni ideology. With Alevi taxes goverment is building only Mosques, sunni imam schools, Ramadan dinners etc. Everything is for sunnis Alevis don’t have any rights we are not even allowed to build Cemevi (worship houses) we are forced to live like sunnis, we are 3 class citizens for the sunni government. Daily just for Istanbul Municipalities are using 15 million $ for Ramadan Dinners (iftar) akp is making this a sunni show aganist secularism but the most important point is that people are starving in Turkey and goverment is using money to Ramadan Shows. Yesterday a man with 4 kids suicide because of hunger in Turkey. This just an example Akp is using the money for shows where as people are starving!

    Sunni Islam is the only problem of Turkey.
    And for Alevis Turkey is no longer a country but a nazi camp we don’t want to live with sunnis any more.

    We Alevis want justice government and sunnis should payback our money used for sunni mosques and Ramadan shows. Government and sunnis should investigated and punished by an international court for their crimes against humanity such as Alevi Genocides, Alevi Massacres, Alevi Apartheid!

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