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“We are here to discuss a constitutional amendment where the principle of separation of powers is suspended, an amendment made by the ruling party in its own kitchen, where -for the first time in the history of Turkish Republic- all the other political parties are excluded with all gates to reconciliation efforts are shut down and here to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision made after this constitutional amendment. Because we want a stronger, more modern and more civilized Turkey. The decision announced is a projection of the former decisions by the Supreme Court. We know that we are not satisfied by the Supreme Court decision. We know, even today after the annulment decision, security of judges and the principle of separation of powers are in danger. Politisation of the judiciary will cause the society to dissociate and will harm the social conscience. In line with amendments to be made, Public Prosecutor will enter into Minister of Justice’s service. This is so much so that there will be left no other authority when the Minister of Justice says “I do not allow that” and denies a complaint made by the citizen regarding a wrong act from a prosecutor. That is, today we are made devoid of the right to object and to appeal to a higher court. That is why we think this is inappropriate and on 12 September, we will vote No to those constitutional amendments, which we consider as extension of amendments of September 12th. We are aware of the deficiencies and the faults due to the September 12th Constitution. We support that Turkey adopts a more modern constitution, that the principle of separation of powers is enhanced, that the pressure on media is lifted and we support that the parliamentary immunity is limited by the chair immunity, also that those ministers involved in corruption are brought to justice, and that a structured society is formed. That is why; we pledge that during our term office after the elections in the new Parliament, that we will develop a more modern, civilized and new Constitution through which the society is assured to grow confident about future. We want to create a country that enjoys respect for all kinds of beliefs and the freedom of expression. That is why it will be a modern Constitution and that is why it will be a civilized Constitution.

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