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A Better Europe



Author: Kader Sevinç
22 August 2010 – Issue : 895

Our world is living through difficult times. The global financial system, the use of natural resources and the consumption society as we have known for several decades are no longer sustainable. These problems coincide with political crises and unsolved poverty dilemmas around the world. The world truly needs that the actual transitions in the international system generate opportunities for a better global order.

This is why our world needs a better Europe.

• A Europe, which will have the political and institutional capacity to lead the shaping of a new world order.
• A European Union which will be able to re-define itself as a source of universal values of democracy, human rights and cultural pluralism.
• A European Union, which can be a driving-force for a better global governance system to fight against wars, poverty, climate change and the financial shocks.
• A European Union which will be able to promote transatlantic economic area and productive relations with rising Asia, dynamic South America and shaky Africa as well as the creation of a new prosperity belt from the Mediterranean to Central Asia.
• And, consequently, the world needs a European Union which will prove its potential to become a larger single market, social model and political unity in an expanding world.

This is the kind of Europe we all need. And this is why we believe in and work for a Turkey which will be part of the European Union soon.
• This will be a Turkey fulfilling the EU’s objective criteria for full-membership.
• A Turkey which will contribute on several ways to Europe’s global role.
• A successful Turkey in the EU membership process will bring Europe more geo-strategic role, economic dynamism, youthful force, natural, cultural and historical richness, security and energy.

We recently renewed CHP’s programme to better define our main target which is a fair economic order based on European standards and a globally competitive economy. Our objectives in Turkey converge with the EU’s “2020 strategy for a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth”. The European socialists’ concerns that this EU 2020 Strategy should better emphasis the measures for youth employment, education, vocational training and support to SMEs are also at the core of CHP’s new programme for Turkey. We firmly believe that both Turkey and the European Union have a lot to gain from better integrating major challenges of the EU 2020 Strategy into the agenda of the accession partnership. We have to talk more about our common concerns for a better Europe.

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