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CHP chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu spoke to NTV, one of Turkey’s premier private news channels. Kilicdaroglu announced that in Wednesday’s party caucus meeting he’ll be consulting members on the make-up of the Central Administrative Committee, CHP’s top decision making body.

Kilicdaroglu was also asked his reply to PM Erdogan’s comments that “He’ll get used to politics”. He answered: “Our objective in politics is to defend everyone, to promote the work ethic. PM Erdogan, on the other hand, has a philosophy of doling out state resources to his supporters, creating new clients by political bribes. Bribes and favors are being handed to the media, labor unions, NGOs. We aim to provide fair and equal services to all citizens regardless of party affiliation.” Kilicdaroglu added “Erdogan would not shy away from breaking the law, violating the democracy whatever it takes to cling to power. Needless to say, we don’t see eye to eye.

When asked about the court-imposed charter change in CHP, Kilicdaroglu stated that the new structure will be deliberated in Wednesday’s caucus meeting. He reiterated that CHP is distinguished from AKP by the party’s unswerving loyalty to laws. He confirmed that the charter changes, ordered by the Chief Prosecutor of Yargitay (Turkey’s High Administrative Court) will be implemented promptly.

The Chief Prosecutor had warned the party twice that the charter changes adopted in 2008 general convention needs to be implemented before the general elections. CHP’s administrative body has earlier resolved that the new amendments will be put in force after the general elections.

Kilicdaroglu spent the weekend attending several functions and events commemorating the Independence Day, where he was frequently asked about the upcoming personnel changes. He remained coy on the new administrative structure, as well as names but was crystal clear on the direction of CHP.

The new party leadership will be pro-active in crafting policies and spend more time with the voters. Kilicdaroglu intends to overcome AKP’s decisive organizational advantage so visibly manifested in the 12th September referendum, by reorganizing the party at the grass roots level, as well. He said, he wants a party volunteer for each street in Turkey.

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