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The decision of the I. magistrate criminal court of Istanbul to allow the police to body search students in and around the buildings of the University of Istanbul is a sign that the course of events change for the worse.

This body-searching decision of general nature is a clear indication that the blow inflicted on the independence of the judiciary by the AKP Government, who is ironically addressing democracy on every possible opportunity, has the potential of enlarging its dimensions in and around significant areas. Such a decision is also in conflict with wider walks of political, social, economical and legal fields, including the essence of democracy, insusceptibility of private life, the autonomy of universities and some other fundamentals of basic rights and freedoms, many of which being safeguarded by our Constitution. Despite the democracy messages of the AKP Government, this situation is very indicative of the fact that its main and disguised objective behind the scenes is to move towards an oppressive regime.

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