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(Openning speech notes of Philip Cordery – CHP-PES seminars in Ankara, CHP Headquarters)

Delegation of PES representing social democrats from many EU countries. Very pleased to be here with a large delegation of PES members: Zita, Richard, Bernard. The high participation shows the interest we have a political family for Turkey and the new CHP relaunching relations. Happy to see new CHP under leadership of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

This as a crucial year for turkey full of challenges but also opportunities to advance: the accession process is progressing very slowly and remains blocked in many of its chapters; talks will start on a new constitution; this is an election year an opportunity for CHP to regain power with new agenda.

You have only started and you have already gone such a long way Kemal and the elections are only a corner away. The CHP has made tremendous progress under your leadership with its efforts for a more progressive and inclusive society. We support your courage to change and reform the party. Much has happened since we met in Brussels in September. It is thanks to that meeting and your invitation that we are here today.

I am glad to be here with you to reiterate the commitment European socialists and social-democrats have for the EU accession of Turkey with conditions, yes, but with no political vetoes. I am absolutely certain that Turkey and the EU, the PES and CHP can contribute to this process with their vision and their determination to succeed.

Today with our joint seminar we will have a chance to discuss many central issues Turkey faces today, many of the important reforms turkey needs for a fairer and more inclusive society: trade union rights, women rights, media freedom, social policy, respect of minorities. with this delegation including party representatives from many EU countries we want to show our support for your political project based on our shared progressive values. Our exchanges will contribute to a new platform for new EU Turkey relations. No relations based on fear, suspicion, competition. See the right in the EU and in Turkey. Their agendas are similar: neo liberal conservative agenda for the benefit of a few, turning people and workers against each other, building walls. We want to build a new platform for enlargement. We are for real enlargement. We see the future of turkey in the EU based on mutual respect, people first, an accession for the people.

Philip Cordery, PES General Secretary, Kader Sevinç CHP Representative to the EU, PES Presidency Member, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu CHP President, Main opposition leader

The EU should focus on solidarity, social progress and women rights, human rights not only competition law against the austerity and selfish society of conservatives.

Turkey needs reforms, it is going too slow.

More democracy. Implementation of reforms. issue of judiciary independence. Need transparency, consultation, dialogue. Freedom of expression and the media. Right of minorities and solving the Kurdish issue through democratic means.

More social rights, welfare. Trade union rights and ILO standards. Universal healthcare. Fight against poverty. Women rights.

Unemployment, progressive taxation, corruption. Tax evasion.

EU project for people’s progress. Regain power in the EU and in Turkey to set a new agenda, of hope, cooperation and solidarity.

Kemal you are the future of Turkey. You have courage leadership to win elections and guide Turkey into the EU. On a people’s agenda to bring prosperity, democracy and social progress to the people of your country.


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