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CHP leader Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu talked to journalists on his way to London:

CHP has become the address for change, AKP the defender of the status quo. Once again, I’m urging AKP to re-write the constitution in cooperation with us to brighten the future of this country. Let’s draft a brand-new basic law, full with freedoms, democracy and the governance principles of the 21st Century. AKP backs off immediately, because it wishes to preserve the current state of affairs. In specific, we urged the party to amend Article 35 of the Armed Personel Act (which—according to some scholars—grants the armed forces the authority to intervene in the political system when unity and secularity is facing clear and present danger).

We also urged AKP to launch a parliamentary inquiry into cold case murders (political motivated murders, where the unsub could not be identified), but it prefers to exploit the pain of the relatives. We want to abolish the 10% barrier for qualifying to the Grand Assembly, so that representatives from each segment of the society can come to the legislature, express their views freely. Instead AKP redoubles illegal wiretaps to commit the most heinous crime against privacy. AKP pretends to be for freedoms, but its acts belie the rhetoric.

AKP building its own business community

AKP has created its own businessmen, its own labour unions to polarize this country. It built its own media and is paying shrills parading as journalists. The pro-AKP media has only one purpose: to clog the press and airwaves to obfuscate the truth.

The party is creating a tailor-made business class to intimidate honest businesses. Tenders are nowadays openly and without the slightest reservation for impartiality awarded to client businessmen. Honest businesses can no longer survive in Turkey; they are harassed by tax men and police. This is why the business community has suddenly become so silent. You object, the next minute you are gone. We now have pro-AKP labour unions, which increase the pressure on the business community to take sides.

CHP’s foreign policy steps

With each day, my party is becoming more pro-active in foreign policy, because we ARE the party of change. During my Brussels visit, we laid out our vision of EU accession with no holds barred and complete transparency for all those who care to listen. CHP will from now on play a more prominent role in Socialist International. I’m flying to London to meet with the representatives of the Labour Party, to explain our view of Turkey’s circumstances. We shall also reiterate our view that EU applies double standards when it comes to Turkey. During the reign AKP, trust in Turkey in EU has eroded visibly. We’re traveling through Europe to voice the true opinions of the Turkish people.

Middle East and North Africa

It is preposterous for Erdogan to brag about new regimes wanting to emulate its party. The real question is how AKP is different from all those strongmen who starved and robbed their people for decades? CHP has added Arabic and Russian languages to its websites to explain our vision to our friends in the Arab world.*

* This report is an excerpt from his conversations with Gazete VATAN , Mr. Aydin Ayaydin


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