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Dear Countryman

Turkey will hold its Parliamentary General Election on Sunday, June 12th, 2011. Unfortunately T.R. citizens who are living outside of Turkey will only be able to vote at border gates. Although CHP has given its support to the AKP administration for the 2.5 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey who are living abroad to be able to vote for Turkey’s elections in their country of residence, the fact that the administration has not been able to obtain positive results is a big shortcoming in terms of democracy in Turkey.

In this case citizens based abroad shall be able to vote at borders gates from May 10th, 2011 until the polls closing time on Sunday, June 12th, 2011.

We invite our citizens who will be on vacation in Turkey between these dates to vote by fulfilling the conditions stated below.


Citizens with Republic of Turkey passports and registered to the electoral register are eligible to vote at borders Gates.

Citizens may query if they have the right to votes by entering their identification numbers at www.ysk.gov.tr/ysksecmen Bilgi.jsp.


Voting starts on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 at a time which the Supreme Election Board shall set for each area and end on Sunday, June 12th, 2011 at a time which the Supreme Elections Committee shall set for each area.


Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who are based abroad can vote on a 24 hour basis including holidays, at the following border gates by which they are entering or leaving the country:

Land Border Gates:

– Gürbulak at Ağrı Province Doğubeyazıt County,

– Sarp at Artvin Province Hopa County,

– Kapıkule at Edirne Province Merkez County,

– İpsala at Edirne Province İpsala County,

– Hamzabeyli at Edirne Province Lalapaşa County,

– Cilvegözü at Hatay Province Reyhanlı County,

– Dereköy at Kırklareli Province Merkez County,

– Habur at Şırnak Province Silopi County,

Airport Border Gates:

– Şakirpaşa at Adana Province Seyhan County,

– Esenboğa at Ankara Province Çubuk County,

– Antalya at Antalya Province Muratpaşa County,

– Eskişehir at Eskişehir Province Tepebaşı County,

– Gaziantep at Gaziantep Province Oğuzeli County,

– Hatay at Hatay Province Merkez County,

– Atatürk at İstanbul Province Bakırköy County,

– Sabiha Gökçen at İstanbul Province Pendik County,

– Adnan Menderes at İzmir Province Gaziemir County,

– Erkilet at Kayseri Province Kocasinan County,

– Dalaman at Muğla Province Dalaman County,

– Bodrum-Milas-Güllük at Muğla Province Milas County,

– Samsun at Samsun Province Çarşamba County,

– Trabzon at Trabzon Province Merkez County,

Seaport Border Gates:

– Kuşadası at Aydın Province Kuşadası County,

– Çeşme at İzmir Province Çeşme County,

– Taşucu at Mersin Province Silifke County,

We call out to all our Countryman living abroad to if possible take their vacations at these dates in order to vote in this election which is of vital importance to the future of our country.

We ask all of our citizens to vote for CHP in order to steer the fate of the Republic of Turkey towards the founding principles of our Republic and contemporary values such as democracy, the rule of law, social state, secularism, equality between men and women, fair distribution of wealth and equality of opportunity.

We hereby declare that with the forthcoming CHP administration put into effect the right of our citizens living abroad to be able to vote in their country of residence.

Osman Korutürk

CHP Foreign Affairs and Overseas Organizations

Vice Chairman


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