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New Foreign Policy for Turkey
New Foreign Policy for Turkey

“In terms of foreign policy, many things will be different when CHP comes to power. First of all, I think putting Turkey back into the European, Euro-Atlantic fold but not as it was ten years ago is important. Turkey is a different country than it was ten years ago. The way I put it is not just a renewed commitment to our accession to the European Union but a Turkey in the Euro-Atlantic community that will have an equal voice in running the affairs and the direction of the EuroAtlantic community. Perhaps the best way to put it would be instead of the Washington and Brussels relationship we’ve seen for the past 10-15 years, we want to achieve a Washington, Brussels and Ankara dialogue. A triangular relationship where Ankara will have an equal voice within the community.”

Read full report: www.chp.org.tr/en/wp-content/uploads/03_30_11_CSIS_Turkish-Foreign-Policy-Economy-and-Politics.pdf

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