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We have been working together with Brussels Poetry Collective since my contribution with my poem to the political poetry book “The European Constitution in Verse” .On Sunday at BOZAR I was part of an international poetry event “Brussels Raw” with my poem “River-long loneliness” .



I would like to thank to Brussels Poetry Collective for this great event, Galician poet and member of BPC, Xavier Queipo for inviting me and dueting with me and Çağdaş Acar for his excellent translation..

You can read it below:


River-Long Loneliness


Kader Sevinç*




here we feel like stars

in distant skies we stand


on gondolas we depart at nights

just to be shot down

in the morning, with our suns.





river-long loneliness

highways lead to nowhere

jam-packed buses

test loneliness in the crowd.





willows bend down to tears, distance

soaks sky-wide steps

my weariness is not your fault.





an old friend pays a visit

to each and every home on the planet,

and poppy-faced kids

will reign over the world…






as we sleep, a horse with cracked gaze

will run by, grabbing our dreams

towards love-making butterfiles on the run.






until it makes any sense

it will take days and nights.

but one would smell a burnt carnation

on its route.






once we caressed that familiar ivy

seasons of our face got insane

running towards nothingness






Following gods’ curse-steps

we enjoy destruction, too

that of the wind-driven ages


see, the day erodes






O butterflies, looking for a mate

snow white butterflies

relentless gods of our sleep,

my weariness is your fault.





as we trod on a steep path

dreams besiege the soil

where the sun is silent,

foulard-like shadow plays

shade over wind of our lives.






the day you understand the sirens

when you sing aloud, that day

finally your voice will settle

for departure;

into a wine-brimming garden

I put all my solutide.

limbs of olive trees shade over my self

don’t even bother.

nevermind the distance.






when mirrors speak, words wither away.

meaning of daydreaming-eyes

a wind on the wall, a raining fire.





the wind, and the mooonlight

flowers devour the time


a dry taste of deception in my mouth.

the river grows in its own bed


dreams in non-existing languages.






we remember the fish

that carry the alchemy of water


and as we pass by dreams

they rub their wounds against ours

-our cold, grown up wounds-






aliens we are

we save no single word to pass to others

always poor even with our dreams

our breath is a burning basil

in the cold, cold night.






the shadow of our voice

the mirror of our skin






water made us bleed

suns have risen towards the nape of loneliness

born into wastelands, hope raised us all

we dragged dreams towards the music of the spring






even swans fade away, tomorrows migrate

a distance-thirst in my body

a harumscarum age


springs of fiction discharge

as sacristan rings the bell







one question: would I see

some fern, an old friend

if I go out?


my face is a kid’s old geography.






time’s up, sand is running out

my face has folios now,

here is a path, dumb and deaf

grapevines are today blue.


Translation: Çağdaş Acar

*Kader Sevinç is a Turkish poet, based in Brussels. She has been publishing her poems in various poetry magazines and reviews in Turkey. She was the editor in chief of NAR poetry magazine in Antalya. She is currently member of the editorial board of the bi-monthly Siirden (“On Poetry”) magazine and actively contributes to the international literature projects and events in Brussels and Istanbul. Ms Sevinc is the co-author of a political poetry book “The European Constitution in Verse” (2009, Brussels). She is also the head of the European delegation of the Turkish socialist party.

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  1. It is just a wonderful piece, Kader!
    You are bringing a lot to others… out of loneliness.

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