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Turkey Progress Report 2013

The EU Commission’s report on Turkey this year ought to find a very sensitive balance. The report has to emphasize and support Turkey’s progressive and pro-European social movements (such as the Gezi) struggling for radical democratic reforms, individual freedoms and the rule of law. The report has to question as well the fairness of elections in a country where the freedom of press, freedom of expression and the transparency of the public finances are severely reduced. The CHP has been sharing its concrete proposals addressing the increasingly disturbing problems in these fields. As the CHP President Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu explained in his speech in Brussels at the European Parliament last May, the EU membership process has to become once more an instrument promoting Turkey’s democracy and socio-economic development. This is a common European interest and the EU Commission’s report has to be clear in its criticism of Turkey’s recent democratic deficiencies as well as adopting a constructive approach highlighting the vital importance of re-launching the accession process in opening new chapters.

Kader Sevinç
CHP EU Representative
PES Presidency Member


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