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Reports on electoral fraud are snowballing at the end of election day in Turkey. (unofficial)

Download: Reports on electoral fraud are snowballing at the end of election day.(Unofficial) Collected by our EU volunteers

  • Femen activists protest against Turkey’s PM Erdogan inside a polling station where he was to cast his vote.
  • 1418 fraud concerns and facts, 40 cites without electrycity power, 9 dead, 21 injured.
  • A woman living in Kagithane, Istanbul finds out that a stranger lives in her house according to the voter list approved by the supreme board of election. She also understands that this person has voted! She says she will go for legal proceeding…http://www.karsigazete.com/gundem/ikamet-ettikeleri-evde-meger-bir-kisi-daha-yasiyormus-h1520.html
  • Water cannon and scout vehicles are on the street in Beyoglu, Istanbul after the end of Election Day. http://www.odatv.com/n.php?n=sandigi-acip-taksimi-kapattilar-3003141200
  • Ertugrul Gunay, the former Minister of Culture and Tourism has commented on the election 214 in Turkey:

“I am aware that the Prime Minister has personally been dealing with local boards of election and that several chairmen of these boards have been replaced by the new ones who are in favor of the current government.” http://www.haberler.com/gunay-basbakan-bir-iki-yildir-secim-kurullariyla-5843320-haberi/

  • Democracy in #Turkey:Burned ballots for the opposition found in school dumpsters via @SertacAkkan
  • Sudden and unexpected electrycity cuts in major urban centers (like in the previous elections) are observed.

Electricity cut during municipal elections in #Turkey areas critically to close to call #akp fraud

  • The huge difference in reporting continues Anatolian Agency vs Cihan News Agency ( attn: number of opened ballot boxes) via @arzugeybulla
  • Electricity went off in some districts while counting votes, mounting suspicions of manipulation (via @PinarElman)

Chairmen Gimmicks

  • Ballot Committee Chairmen in the district of Tatvan, Bitlis and Yakutiye District, Erzurum have reportedly stamped all the ballot papers before coming to the polling place while it must be done in front of committees according to the electoral law. Objections are reported noting that all stamps were in the middle of ballot papers which could be in favor of a political party.


  • Another chairman in Avcilar, Istanbul has voted in place of an illiterate voter, but stamping AKP without voter’s approval. Upon objections from the Committee members, the vote has been canceled.


  • A chairman in Zeytinburnu district, Istanbul has companied a visually impared voter into the voting booth as recorded by the committee members while the law says that such persons must be asked and their votes must be stamped in front of the committee.


  • In Isparta, a ballot voted for AKP has been found while counting total ballot taken out of a sealed bag. The committee members asked for suspension of the chairman, district board of election however disagreed.


  • A voter in Bismil, Diyarbakir has been given a ballot with a stamp on AKP. As he warned, the chairman tried to sweep under the carpet. The district chair of BDP and many lawyer had a debate with the chairman and reported the incident.


  • A chairman in Mersin has been captured interfering people’s voting in the cabinet.


Multiple Voting

  • Two undercover cops have voted without presenting their duty certificates in Goztepe, Istanbul.
  • A man in Ankara has noticed that past residents in his apartment building have voted in the same voting place that he voted. His objection was reported.


  • It is reported that Syiran refugees have voted as witnessed in Ege High School, Ankara.


  • Several voters in Altindag, Ankara, have realized that other people voted with their names. The incident has been reported to the district board of election.


Conviction Attempts

  • In Kecioren, Ankara, a woman tried to mingle in with the committee members without presenting her certificate, upon approval on the chairman. The committee members raised an objection while she started convincing voters for AKP. Upon the affray, the police took the woman to the station for identification as she failed to present both her duty certificate and her own ID.


  • Fake ballots have been found in a voting place in Mersin, in addition to the attempts by AKP member of the committee to convince voters for AKP. Both incidents have been reported to the district board of election.


  • Ballots without stamp have been given to voters in Selcuk, Konya. The police witnessed.






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