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Tippers Harassed by Police

Gazeteport – Yusuf Sahici

In Turkish: http://www.gazeteport.com.tr/GUNCEL/NEWS/GP_805979

According to independent newsportal gazeteport.com, also quoted in large selling daily newspaper VATAN, cops in large central Anatolian city of Kayseri are harassing drinkers in restaurants. Liquor stores are also being raided, according to the same sources. Liquor store and restaurant owners who talked to reporters complained of harassment and said they were being forced to surrender their licenses.

One of Anatolia’s leading industrial centers and the home of President Gul, Kayseri has a population of 1.5 million, and is known for its conservatism. The city has made European headlines a few years ago as the birthplace of “Moslem Calvinism”. True to form, Kayserians are known for their business ingenuity and very hard work ethic.

CHP’s Kayseri deputy Mr. Şevki Kulluoğlu also confirmed the allegations, telling gazeteport.com “Recently Kayseri police began to raid restaurants serving alcohol under the pretense of dope searches. Innocent citizens are being photographed, and then rounded up to police stations. Moreover their IDs are being confiscated.”

According to Mr. Kulluoğlu, there only 11 establishments that serve alcohol in a city of 1.5 million and all have been raided under one excuse or other over the recent weeks. Mr. Kulluoğlu’s other allegations are even more frightening. He claims police mistreated detainees and planted marijuana on their belongings to force them into signing confessions. Finally police officers refused to show copies of court warrants to search premises and share with defendants lawyers’ videos shot during the raids.

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